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Why choosing a Professional cleanING COMPANY isn’t as easy as it seems

Price, timing, standards, cleaning products, tiny details – if you’re in charge of finding a cleaner for your office or factory, you have a lot to think about. It’s one of those jobs nobody really wants to do – even though it’s essential to the smooth running of an office.

Although many businesses simply go with the lowest quote, focusing on price often means you get rushed work, lower standards, and complaints from your staff. In the long run, you’re likely to end up wanting to switch to another cleaning company – which means starting the whole selection process again.

If you want to find the right cleaning team first time, here’s what to look for:


1: Accurate quoting

The corporate cleaning world is competitive, and it’s common for companies to drop their prices to win contracts. You get a great price, but the cleaners are forced to rush through the job to get it done in time – details are missed, standards slip, and complaints creep in.

If you want cleaning at a high level, look for a quote that accurately reflects the amount of work needed. At CleanCorp, we use an ISO Accredited system to calculate the time needed for a comprehensive clean of your premises. And because we want to keep clients long term, we don’t reduce our prices to win business.


2: Attention to detail

When people work in a space every day, they notice little details. Dusty desktops, fingerprints on walls, grimy taps in the bathroom – it all adds up to unhappy, grumbling staff. If you pick a cheap and cheerful cleaner, those little details are likely to be missed in the rush.


3: Health and hygiene 

A clean office or workspace doesn’t just look good, it can also help to keep staff healthy. That’s where the little details are so important – keyboards need to be wiped down, door handles sanitised, and food prep areas thoroughly cleaned. Look for a cleaner that prioritises health and hygiene in their practice. At CleanCorp, this level of cleaning comes standard – and we use bio-degradable, eco-friendly products as well. 


4: Prompt problem solving

Everyone makes mistakes – it’s how we react that counts. Your cleaning company should be prepared to come back to the site to fix mistakes or reclean missed areas as soon as possible. At CleanCorp, we fix any mistakes within 24 hours.


5: Staff care 

Like everyone, cleaners deliver better work and stay in the job longer if they’re paid and treated well. Choosing the cheapest quote almost guarantees that the people cleaning your office will be underpaid and overworked.

CleanCorp subcontracts to a number of smaller owner-operated cleaning businesses, and makes sure all our cleaners are paid a living wage. As a result, our staff are satisfied with their work, and tend to stick around longer.


6: Sustainable service

Sustainability means service that lasts. If you pick a cleaning company offering a steeply discounted rate, their service level probably won’t meet your standards, and you’re likely to end up switching sooner rather than later. If you pick based on high standards and great service, you’re more likely to stay with the company long term.

We’re all about keeping our clients – and our staff – happy, and delivering consistent service. That’s why many of our clients have worked with us for decades.


Accuracy, attention to detail, high standards and happy staff make CleanCorp stand out from the cleaning crowd. We won’t give you the cheapest quote, but we do offer competitive quotes, and a consistent quality service every time. For you, that means no more dirt, no more complaints, and never having to choose a cleaning service again.


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