Choosing Your Clean Company

Upfront we should say, we know hiring a cleaner is like buying insurance,  a necessary evil. We appreciate you have to get 3 quotes, and often the cheapest wins the job. But hopefully, this 2-minute read will save you time and much whinging at your desk from everyone at work because of issues with cleanliness.

You don’t want to have to go through the cleaner selection process more than once.

Selecting your cleaner - right first time

Because the cheapest quote often wins, you won’t be surprised to hear that it’s common practice in our industry for companies to drop their prices to secure your contract.

It’s true, we see it all the time. They win the contract, and you get a great price. A win-win yes? Maybe not - the same cleaning for a discounted price - does that add up in the long run?

You can see why most cleaning companies would discount to win a contract. We don’t.

Time is money in your business and our business

So here’s what happens, instead of spending the 2 hours your office needs to be really clean, your new cleaners have to rush it through in 1.5 hours [25% less time] - that’s what’s been quoted to win the job. But a few weeks into the new contract problems inevitably arise as service levels slip - complaints about cleanliness start to rise. 

You see, when you break it down - as we do in our ISO Accredited systems - cleaning is relatively straight forward. It comes down to specifications, 1 minute here, 30 seconds there - cleaners need time to do the job agreed, not too much time but equally not too little. So to quote a job we complete a comprehensive cleaning needs audit. 

Attention to detail. Tick.

We come out and meet you. We walk through your commercial property room by room - it only takes 10 - 15 minutes - we measure, we ask questions and together we agree what needs to be done.

Unexpected benefits - a reduction in sick days.

We look at all the usual surfaces like floors, reception areas, toilets and meeting room tables. But also point out important places where germs build up like fridges, sinks, taps, door handles, desks, desk phones and light switches. You’ll be amazed at how much impact this can have on reducing employee sick days!

From that detailed specification, our system works out the exact time required [the clever ISO accredited bit developed over years] - no more, no less. That’s what we use to form our quote. We don’t have contracts instead we put in place a service agreement that is 95% that detailed specification we developed with you at our first meeting on site.

Ownership and Living, not minimum

The other difference we’ve found is happiness because happy cleaners do a better job, week-in, week-out. They stay with your job (and Clean Corp) for years. Many of our cleaners are owner-operators so your business is their business. We also ensure our cleaners receive the ‘living wage’ when many cleaning companies pay minimum wage. After all the cheapest wins - right? In our experience, not in the long term.

That’s why we’d rather walk away than drop our prices and compromise our service levels.

Sustainable - Quality

Like the cleaning products we use - sustainable - we want clients for the long term. 5, 10, 15 years, our whole business is designed around keeping happy clients and cleaners.

  • ISO Accreditation for our systems 

  • CleanCorp Ops team who work with you and our cleaners to ensure our standards are consistently high. Working hard to pick up problems before you see them.

  • If you spot a problem let us know - please - and we’ll fix it - within 24 hours.

  • And with new customers, we’ll often recommend an initial ‘deep clean’ to get premises up to CleanCorp standards

So if you want to know what your cleaning really should cost, give CleanCorp a call and make a 15-minute appointment. For the reasons above we certainly won’t be the cheapest but we will highly competitive.

Accurate, attentive, consistently delivering a high-quality cleaning service, and happy in our work.  That’s what makes us the best cleaning company. Nationwide.

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