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Starting a Cleancorp Cleaning Franchise

Want to take control of your working life and be your own boss?

Owning a new cleaning franchise business could be the answer.

Owning a franchise gives you the independence of controlling your own business along with the security and support of a well-established company. Employers are required by law to provide their employees with clean premises in which to work.

This means there is a huge opportunity to provide businesses with high quality, cost-effective, reliable commercial cleaning services. There is also an increasing demand for home cleaning services.

The benefits of becoming a Cleancorp franchisee:

  • person cleaningIndependent Control

    We understand that you want to run your own business and not feel like someone else’s employee. We help you achieve that, with the appropriate training in business skills and business development. You will invoice your clients and they will pay you direct. You have ultimate control.

  • Affordable set up costs

    You don't have to invest large amounts of money to set up your franchise. Our cleaning franchise packages are affordable and includes everything you need to get your business up and running.

  • Agreed Monthly Income Guarantee

    The early years of establishing any business are the most difficult, especially where finances are concerned. To make your life easier during this period, Cleancorp provides an Agreed Monthly Income Guarantee, protecting each franchisee’s total monthly income for the first 36 months. The guarantee covers the income earned from the original allocated contracts. This guarantees that you are not disadvantaged by the termination or expiration of a contract. Many people setting up a cleaning franchise have borrowed money, so they rely on their agreed monthly income being the minimum they will earn. You can also help ensure your own financial stability and protect your income by marketing and promotion of your cleaning services to acquire new clients yourself.

  • Early Income Earnings

    As soon as your training is completed you will start working in your franchise, initially alongside experienced franchisees and we will quickly introduce your first live customer. Over 120 days from your training we will build your customers up to the full level of purchased guaranteed income. Your 3 years of Guaranteed income starts at that time. For people fresh to the industry we know from experience that a slow but steady build-up of customers works best.

  • Our Client List

    You are initially assigned a number of contracts that will provide you with an agreed monthly income, thus reducing the time needed to build your franchise.

  • Choice and Flexibility

    Cleancorp will tailor a franchise package to suit your lifestyle and your family needs.

  • High Profile Brand

    On becoming a Cleancorp franchisee you will have use of the highly-recognised and respected Cleancorp brand, marketing and promotional packages.

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