Cleancorp: An Auckland Cleaning Company with Ethics

Our winning ways.

Work Together

When we work together we are stronger. We’re at our best when we collaborate to form a powerful, winning team. We brainstorm and listen to each other at regular team briefings. We combine our expertise to create a strong focused and trusted team. We work hard to develop excellent working relationships with our customers, franchisees and associates. We think about what we do and how it might affect others and we trust and support each other.

Aim Higher

We aim to be leaders in the commercial cleaning industry, and have built a team of people who can easily empathise with both our franchisees and customers’ needs, so that we can achieve this goal. We strive for success and value, franchisees and associates who are encouraged to promote new ideas and processes, so they can be assessed and included in the franchise system. To this end we promote a culture of continuous improvement. Our team take pride in their appearance and are instantly recognised amongst their peers as Cleancorp representatives.

Show We Care

A goal is to be the company that understands people’s needs better than anyone else in our industry. This means being sensitive to others, noticing the things that matter and taking responsibility for getting it right the first time, but also recognise that we are human and mistakes can be made. We will be measured on our response time to rectify these errors. We encourage our team members, franchisee, and associates, to admit their mistakes and learn from them. We empower our team to take accountability and put matters right as quickly as possible to minimise business interruption and inconvenience.

Celebrate Difference

We believe it’s the knowledge of our people that bring our brand to life. Our strength comes from celebrating differences whilst understanding that some things should be kept the same. We are respectful of all cultures and look to learn from others.

Do the Right Thing

We always do what we believe is right and have the courage and conviction to put it into practice, even when it might be easier not to. We are honest and straightforward and see our decisions through. We keep our promises and we don’t let people down. We seek out the facts and trust our judgment and we treat people as individuals and we look and listen for the little things that make a difference.

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