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Generally, Cleancorp will take care of this for you.

No, this is part of your cleaning contract with Cleancorp. Only consumables such as toilet paper, hand towels, etc. are additional; they can be purchased through Cleancorp and charged at an extra charge with your monthly bill.

Cleancorp has various ways of invoicing however our regular customers are invoiced monthly and payments are usually due the following month on the 20th.

The majority of Cleancorp work is commercial cleaning such as: early childhood centres, schools, universities, office cleaning, medical centres etc. We also offer residential cleaning as well as specialised services.

Your home will be cleaned by a local, bonded and insured Cleancorp Franchisee. All Cleancorp Franchisees have been trained and certified to deliver the best possible service. As well as that, Cleancorp Franchisees have a Ministry of Justice Security Clearance, Cleancorp uniforms and Security ID Tags.

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