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If you want the independence of running your own business, a Cleancorp franchise business could be your perfect opportunity.

Cleancorp is a New Zealand business with a strong reputation, established in 1996 to provide outstanding residential and commercial cleaning services. Everyone needs a cleaner, from home owners to business owners, so there is a busy, growing market for cleaners who deliver an excellent service every time.

Cleancorp franchise packages are affordable and provide you with training, a list of clients and a guaranteed monthly income. You can start to earn income as soon as you have completed the training programme and then we will continue to provide you with support. There is on-going training to help keep you up to date with new products and practices.

Becoming a Franchisee


There are so many reasons to own a cleaning franchise business.

Franchise business is a great opportunity to become your own boss. A Cleancorp franchise helps you to start your own successful franchise business at a level of investment and commitment that suits you. Cleancorp offers you a comprehensive and ongoing preparation, support and mentoring programme.

We provide extensive training and mentoring programs to ensure you reach your full potential as a Cleancorp team member. This will ensure your own personal success and maintain the integrity of the Cleancorp brand. Our commitment to Franchisee education and development guarantees our success within the cleaning industry and the success of your franchise business.

This means choosing our cleaning franchise will provide you greater independence, flexibility and work-life balance.

Why Own A Cleaning Franchise?

  • Security - people will always need someone to clean for them.

  • Increasing demand for cleaning services as people have busier lifestyles.

  • An easy business to get into with the right support.

  • Training - quick and easy to learn once you know how.

  • Maximum income for minimum outlay.

  • Unlimited income potential - you can grow your business and employ your own team to be as big as you want.

  • No premises required- base your business at your home.

quotation marks

"I have been with our cleaners just a few months now. But our cleaner Jose and his wife have been amazing. Everything gets cleaned spotless and any extras I ask for are always done to the highest standard. I would definitely recommend them!"

- Kelly, Mathias Meats NZ Ltd