What our franchisees say

My journey with Cleancorp have been fantastic. I got tremendous support right from day one. The initial onboarding was from Werner, post-signing the franchise agreement I was introduced to the Group Operations Manager - Emma. Emma is always available to clear off any queries. She guided me and ensured that I got sites on time and that they were geographically feasible.

My first sight was Little Pearl - Jerry was there with me on day one. I am thankful to him for his support and sharing his expertise, he has given me valuable tips, which I have been following to a “T”.

I am very happy to be part of an awesome family. Because of such an excellent team and support, I am looking at investing more and expanding my horizons within the Cleancorp Community.

Arpan Arora

You guys are fantastic. I always had support from the team when needed. Special thanks to Kym as she has been always a great help.

Shubhal Sable

Communication with Cleancorp is easy. Employees are friendly and helpful and I never feel anything is hidden. Doing this kind of work and running your own business could be quite daunting. Everyone is there to help others. The vibe is their philosophy - "We want you to be successful”.

Jose Padilla

We are very happy and pleased with the ongoing support from the Cleancorp team. I am 100% sure that I will be a very successful franchisee, and will be able to achieve all my dreams and goals with a very strong brand name like Cleancorp behind us.

Rahul and Anjina Singh

Franchisees are given opportunities to grow their business and providing the best service is a priority. As a business owner, we are proud of our Cleancorp brand. Our lawyer has asked us "why have you stayed so long with Cleancorp?" We said, as a family, we are looking after each other in many other ways.

Bintang and Purwanti Rachmadi

Information provided by Cleancorp has helped us to make a sensible decision to become a Cleancorp Franchisee. Cleancorp is a very professional company in communicating with Clients and with their Franchisees. They really look after their franchisees very well.

Munesh Naidu and Saileshni Chetty

We have been a Cleancorp franchisee since 2008. We started our business because of the freedom and lifestyle balance that we knew could be achieved from being self-employed.

Over the years, our business has grown. With the help of Cleancorp, we have been able to achieve the maximum outcome from our business without sacrificing the quality of service we provide to our customers. We are very happy with the level of professionalism and assistance that the staff has given us. We would recommend any potential franchisee to seriously consider Cleancorp as a viable commercial cleaning business.

Wahmen and Lolou Lee

Cleancorp is a wonderful organisation to be associated with. The help and support provided by the Operations Managers and administrative staff have been very helpful from the start. We highly recommend Cleancorp.

Cecil and Jacqueline Chia

Cleancorp is not a business but more of a family environment, where there is loads of support from everyone in management within the company. Operations Manager, Emma goes the extra mile to not only support her franchisees but she is always there when called upon.

Then there’s us (the Franchises) who also play a role in maintaining sites, but are able to reap the benefits. There is a lot of integrity and honesty and endless communication too. Thank you to our Cleancrp Management, because of you, we can proudly say 'Yeah, I own my own business!'.

Ranjeeta & Seamus Prasad

It is very nice to work with you and Cleancorp. You have been helping us from day one and help us understand whatever it is we need explaining. You always listen and understand us. Such a good person and company to work with! Thank you!

- Roni & Dipika on Kym, Head of Franchise Sales.

Roni and Dipika

We have joined Cleancorp almost 3 years ago. Although at the start, being an Engineer (full time) and my wife, a Legal Executive - I found it was a little difficult. However, with great support from the team especially Bonny, we have managed to catch up quickly and never turned back or let the Cleancorp family down.

During my time with Cleancorp, I have noticed a significant improvement in the Service and Operation, Administration and Accounts. The entire Management system day by day has grown professionally.

I personally salute the new Management team for the great work they are doing. Keep it up and I am sure a day will come we will see Cleancorp team servicing every city and town of New Zealand.


My husband and I have been working with Cleancorp since November 2016. Our journey with Cleancorp is going really well. The staff has all been very helpful.

Whenever I need help, support, guidance, or advice, I have been provided with great help. I want to mention again that regardless of how busy the Support Staff are, they always pick up the phone and reply to emails frequently.

I am so lucky and I feel and have really good relationships with all of the team. Chris is always kind and helpful to me. Bonny is always available and listens to me and has become a really good friend.

I am also lucky that my customers are so nice, I mostly see and meet my customers every week or sometimes once a fortnight. They never treat me like I am just a cleaner. We always have good jokes and long conversations.

I really enjoy working with Cleancorp. I am so glad that I am a part of Cleancorp family.

Kamaldeep kaur

Making the decision to buy a Cleancorp franchise 11 years ago was the best business decision I have ever made. Cleancorp has provided me with an opportunity to succeed financially as well as supporting me in the whole journey. I get a lot of satisfaction from my work and positive feedback from my clients. Thank you Cleancorp for the support over the 11 years.

Wah Man Lee