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“We have been a Cleancorp franchisee since 2008. We started our business because of the freedom and lifestyle balance that we knew could be achieved from being self-employed. Over the 5 years, our business has grown. With the help of Cleancorp we have been able to achieve maximum outcome from our business without sacrificing the quality of service we provide to our customers. We are very happy with the level of professionalism and assistance that the staff have given us. We would recommend any potential franchisee to seriously consider Cleancorp as a viable commercial cleaning business.”

Wahmen and Lolou Lee
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“Information provided by Cleancorp helped us to make a sensible decision to be a Cleancorp Franchisee. Cleancorp is very professional company in communicating with Clients and with their Franchisees. They really look after their franchisees very well.”

Munesh Naidu and Saileshni Chetty
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“We are very happy and pleased with the ongoing support from the Cleancorp team and I am 100 percent sure that I will be a very successful franchisee and will be able to achieve all my dreams and goals with a very strong brand name like Cleancorp behind us.”

Rahul and Anjina Singh
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“Franchisees are given opportunities to grow their business and providing the best service is a priority and as a business owner we are proud of our Cleancorp brand. Our lawyer has asked us "why have you stayed so long with Cleancorp?" We said, as a family, we are looking after each other in many ways.”

Bintang and Purwanti Rachmadi
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“Communication with Cleancorp is easy. Employees are friendly and helpful and I never feel anything is hidden. Doing this kind of work and running your own business could be quite daunting. Everyone is there to help the others. The vibe is their philosophy - "We want you to be successful”

Jose Padilla