Health & Safety

Where safety comes first

At Cleancorp, looking after the health and safety – of our customers, our staff, and everyone we come into contact with – is at the top of our list of priorities. Maintaining stringent health and safety practices is one of our key business goals that guides everything we do.

At Cleancorp, health and safety best practice includes:

  • Detailed, up-to-date health and safety training
  • Continuous training on safe work practices and systems
  • Thorough safety inductions on site
  • Hazard control training and practices
  • Company-wide recording and reporting on health and safety processes

To us at Cleancorp, a healthy workplace also involves looking after the development and job satisfaction of our employees. To continually provide opportunities for our staff, we regularly invest in having:

  • NZQA qualified staff – Level 1,2,3 in Commercial Cleaning
  • Ongoing staff training in franchise/brand operations
  • Ongoing staff training in excellent customer service practices

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