Case Study

Cleancorp Brings a New Level of Clean to Kantar’s Head Office

What We Did

Daily cleaning, office areas, meeting rooms, lobby, café, bathrooms, floors, furniture, bins, surfaces, rubbish removal, commercial kitchen, and specialised solutions.
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Kantar is the world’s leading marketing data and analytics business and is an indispensable brand partner to the world’s top companies, including 96 of the world’s 100 most prominent advertisers. Cleancorp has been servicing Kantar’s head office in Auckland since 2017.

Prior to engaging Cleancorp, Kantar faced several cleaning-related issues. These included inconsistent cleaning quality, poor communication with their previous cleaning company, high turnover of cleaning personnel, and overall low-quality service.

To address these challenges, our team created a comprehensive cleaning programme tailored to Kantar's needs. This programme consists of daily cleaning services from Monday to Friday, with a team of 3-4 staff members working night shifts so as not to disrupt daily operations.

Our cleaning services cover various areas of Kantar's premises, including office spaces, meeting rooms, lobby, café, bathrooms, and the commercial kitchen. The cleaning tasks include floors, furniture, bins, surface cleaning, rubbish removal, and thorough sanitation.

In addition to regular cleaning, Cleancorp provides specialised services, like carpet shampooing and vinyl floor strip, seal, and polish treatments.

This tailored approach has effectively addressed Kantar's previous cleaning challenges, ensuring consistent, high-quality cleaning services with better communication and reliability.

Since partnering with Cleancorp, Kantar has experienced consistently clean office spaces, allowing their team to focus on delivering world-class research without any concerns over cleanliness.