Case Study

Giving GrabOne’s New Office a Clean Bill of Health

What We Did

Daily cleaning, office areas, meeting rooms, bathrooms, floors, furniture, bins, surfaces, and rubbish removal.
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Launched in 2010, GrabOne has since grown to become one of NZ’s biggest and best-loved websites. Cleancorp has been servicing them since they moved into their new office space in 2022. 

Like many businesses, GrabOne faced unique challenges during the COVID-19 lockdowns. They needed to adapt to frequent changes in cleaning routines and requirements due to Auckland's fluctuating lockdown levels. The team at GrabOne had to accommodate varying staff presence as employees alternated between working from home and in the office. 

These circumstances required a flexible and responsive cleaning solution to ensure a safe and hygienic work environment for all GrabOne team members, whether they were in the office full-time or on a rotating schedule.

Cleancorp implemented a tailored cleaning solution to address GrabOne's specific needs. We established a twice-weekly cleaning schedule, ensuring regular maintenance of the office environment. 

The schedule we developed covered office areas, meeting rooms, bathrooms, and kitchen spaces. Our team provided cleaning for the office floors, furniture cleaning, bins, surface cleaning, rubbish removal, and thorough sanitation of all areas. 

The customised scheduling and consistent service have contributed to a positive and hygienic work environment for GrabOne's staff. 

Our delivery has resulted in a long-standing partnership, with Cleancorp remaining GrabOne's trusted cleaning provider.

"We love Lola, she and the team do such an incredible job. We know she is very sought after and our team love her work."  
– Ruby Dawson - Marketing Manager GrabOne