Superior Cleaning Solutions

More than just cleaning, we offer speciality service packages.

Regular Cleaning

Benefit from our tailor-made commercial clean for your business, with the highest attention to detail and an ISO Accredited system that results in an impeccable standard of cleaning. Our personable Franchisees implement a bespoke cleaning plan to suit your business, with a focus on great communication, efficiency and sustainable cleaning methods and products.

Deep Cleaning

Cobwebs got you down? Say goodbye to those hard to reach dusty areas that could be affecting your air quality. Whether it be air cuts, ceiling fans, or high beams, we’ve got you covered.

Floor Cleaning

Let our specialist flooring team breathe new life into those hard floors. Our strip, seal and polish process will have your hard or vinyl floors gleaming like new. First, we'll strip away built-up dirt, scuffs and dull sealants. Then we'll apply a fresh, durable seal to protect against future wear and stains. Finally, we'll buff those floors for a shine that'll make your space look professionally maintained. Great for your classrooms, hallways or retail showrooms.

Carpet Cleaning

Let us give your commercial carpets a fresh lease on life! Our powerful truck-mounted system blasts away even the toughest dirt, grime, and allergens lurking deep within the fibers. From high-traffic areas to wall-to-wall carpeting, we'll have your office or school looking good in no time.

Building Washing

From soft washing buildings to deep cleaning stubborn moss, mold, and mildew on multiple outdoor surfaces.

Window Washing

For the interior windows, our technicians will carefully wipe down sills and frames before using professional-grade glass cleaners and squeegees to reveal a crystal clear view. No more distracting smears or hazy film. Then we'll take it outside, using water-fed telescopic pole systems to reach up to 2 storeys without a ladder and using our advanced squeegee technique ensures minimal streaks or spots.