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The Cleancorp team

A team of key personnel work closely to manage and support our franchisees. Each member of our team has an in-depth working knowledge of our business, and can both answer general queries and advise within their specialised areas of expertise.


Loraine Reinsfield - Director

Loraine Reinsfield owns and manages a number of companies in her own right. She has experience in managing business in different economies, having had huge successes throughout her career, including a television show. Loraine oversees the Master Franchise, and is largely involved in the Governance aspect of the business. Loraine’s area of expertise is in branding, marketing and advertising.


Ivone Sass - General Manager

Ivone has a strong background in the service industry and has a large amount of experience in the commercial cleaning/hygiene sector. Prior to joining Cleancorp, Ivone spent 8 years with one of the largest independently owned cleaning companies in NZ. Ivone has a real passion with people and her aim is to find the best possible solution for her Customers and make the transition as effortless as possible. Ivone has 27 years industry experience and has a strong sense for problem solving. Ivone is very passionate about washroom hygiene and incorporates her experience in this field into the Commercial Cleaning Sector which has proven to be a real asset. Ivone looks after the Cleancorp Sales and Franchise Support Team. She has had numerous positions which fits her well in this position such as, Franchise Support Manager, Sales Manager, Branch Manager and Territory Manager all in the Service industry sector.


Nicole Sass - Business Development

Nicole has recently joined Cleancorp, bringing with her years of experience in the cleaning/customer service industry. Nicole has a background in Social Anthropology and Education, working as an Early Childhood Teacher before joining the team at Cleancorp. Nicole is highly passionate about people and strives on building solid and reciprocal relationships. Nicole is extremely motivated and organized; she thoroughly enjoys the process of committing herself to the duration of all tasks.


Chris Bradfield - Franchisee Support

Chris joined our Company as from April as a Franchise Support after having been a Clean Corp Franchisee for the last 12 months.Due to having worked as a Franchisee for Clean Corp he has accumulated a lot of experience in the field and knows what is required.Prior to that he was employed in the Financial Industry and worked there for many years both in New Zealand and in South Africa.


Irene Adams - Franchisee Support

Irene started as a cleaner 20+ years ago, setting herself a goal each year: becoming a Supervisor, Contract Supervisor, Operations Manager and Quality Assurance Officer. Irene brings a vast range of knowledge to Cleancorp, including experience in all aspects of retail, commercial cleaning, industrial cleaning, floor maintenance and flood and fire restoration. Irene is ambitious and very persistent so her success stems from the success of all the franchisees that she supports. No reira, nga mihi koutou.