Why choose Cleancorp

Since our beginnings, we have grown our business and our reputation from an unwavering focus on our key values of trust, honesty, integrity and always going the extra mile. 

Decades of experience

Established in 1998, Cleancorp started with a desire to establish a commercial cleaning company focused on exceeding its customers’ expectations. Now, more than 20 years later, with over 1200 clients and 130+ franchise agreements, Cleancorp is living what it set out to do. We now operate on a national level – and we’re still privately and Kiwi owned.

Hospital grade hygiene, every time

Hygiene is paramount, so we use a new breed of planet earth-friendly, hospital grade cleaning products made entirely from harvested citrus crops. These are non-toxic, non-caustic and biodegradable to maintain a healthier environment. Behind the scenes, we constantly research and assess new and improved cleaning techniques and methodology to ensure we evolve with our clients’ needs.


We take our responsibility to protect the environment seriously. In addition to the hospital grade eco-friendly chemicals used, our letterhead and business cards are printed on recycled paper. We can also supply a range of consumables, including our preferred range of eco-friendly rubbish pods, bags, toilet paper, recycle trays and boxes. We support other local businesses with a focus on sustainability as a member of The Sustainable Business Network.

Quality control

Our tailor-made cleaning solutions see us consistently delivering the highest standard of service across New Zealand. When you get a quote from us, we come to your property and do a walk through with you. We measure spaces, record details, and talk about your needs. That attention to detail follows through to our service. Your quality audit results are kept within our purpose-built CRM which is constantly monitored by our Operations and Admin team to ensure compliance.

Rate-protection guarantee

Our rate protection guarantee lasts for the length of the cleaning agreement providing there are no alterations to the frequency or the Cleaning Specification (with the exception of Government mandated minimum wage increases). Our monthly charge is specified on an annual charge assessment with due allowance for holiday or shut down periods, and includes all labour, supervision, equipment and materials (excluding consumables such as washroom paper and soap).

Insurance cover

Cleancorp and all our Franchisees have Public Liability Insurance cover. Each Franchisee signs a Confidentiality Agreement and is security-checked through the Ministry of Justice. Franchisees complete the NZQA Level 2 cleaning program and undertake a St John First Aid course, so they are competent in dealing with Health and Safety issues.