Our Story

With decades of experience under their belt, Cleancorp is a vibrant, New Zealand owned and operated Commercial Cleaning Franchise company. Specialising in large industrial sites and educational institutes, we have a significant share of the commercial cleaning market for these industries in New Zealand.

Kiwi owned and operated for decades

Since our beginnings in 1998, our provision of tailor-made cleaning solutions has seen us deliver the highest standards of service in New Zealand. After over two decades in business, we are proud to remain a privately-owned, New Zealand entity, boasting over 1,200 clients in the Auckland region and over 200 in the South Island. 

Proud to be cleaning New Zealand wide

One of New Zealand’s largest commercial cleaning franchises.

Our Franchisees are owner-operators, and their financial stake drives them to deliver a high

standard and consistent service. As a client, you’ll also benefit from stability of personnel in both your key contacts and our engaged cleaning team. During the onboarding process, you’ll be introduced to your Franchisee and Operations Manager, so they can get a full understanding of the agreed Cleaning Specification and your security procedures.

This team will complete regular onsite inspections to ensure quality control is being maintained. Cleancorp is a member of the Franchise Association of New Zealand and we offer full support to our Franchisees with training in quality control, pricing and business skills.

Our winning ways

WORK TOGETHER. We are strongest when we work together and we’re at our best when we collaborate to create a focused and trusted team. We work hard to develop excellent working relationships with our customers, franchisees and associates.

AIM HIGHER. We aim to be leaders in the commercial cleaning industry. We strive for success and value, with Franchisees and associates who are encouraged to promote new ideas and processes, for a culture of continuous improvement.

SHOW WE CARE. We strive to understands people’s needs better than anyone else in our industry. We empower our team to take accountability and accept that mistakes happen, while putting matters right as quickly as possible to minimise business interruption.

CELEBRATE DIFFERENCE. We believe it’s our people that bring our brand to life. Our strength comes from celebrating differences whilst understanding that some things should be kept the same. We are respectful of all cultures and look to learn from others.

DO THE RIGHT THING. We always do what we believe is right and have the courage to put it into practice. We are honest, keep our promises, and we don’t let people down. We treat people as individuals, and we look out for the little things that make a difference.

Why Cleancorp

✓  Privately owned, New Zealand company
✓  22 years of service
✓  Environmentally friendly practices and chemicals
✓  Hand-selected, security-checked Franchisees
✓  Hospital grade hygiene
✓  Quality control and compliance monitoring
✓  Exceptional communication and personalised service

Wah Men Lee discusses the Cleancorp difference

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